I have had a tag almost done for the last 3  challenges but something has happened each week to prevent me from finishing or posting it. aaargghh Frustrating as I really enjoy taking part in the challenge. And now it’s almost over!!!! :cry:

I checked out Linda’s blog this morning and almost laughed! I was so happy that I didn’t have to wrack my sorry brain to come up with another idea for this week’s tech! I had already done it for the card I made my DH for Valentine’s Day!!! What a coincidence! So here it is!!


A lovely lady and fabulous artist named Shelly Hickox had sent me the gears die cuts in trade for the bird cage die cuts I had sent her. She asked me if I wanted some in metal and I am not one to turn down such an offer ! lol The gears are cut out of a dull silver thin metal that I altered with Butterscotch and Terra Cotta AI’s with some Gold metal mixatives thrown in. I also added some TH spinners, gears and some watch parts for good measure! I had put some watch parts in the hole of the large gear and tried to fill it with GA but it went not so accurately! I added a really sappy sentiment inside just for my DH!

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4 Responses to CCC#33

  1. Kristy says:

    just gorgeous, Mary Beth!!

  2. Oh, what a PERFECT Valentine, Mary-Beth! Your altered metal looks fabulous, and the clean, masculine design is absolutely brilliant. I bet your man LOVED this card!

    It’s great to see you again, and don’t worry– we’ll still have something fun to do after the CCC is completed. ;-)

  3. Marlene Moore says:

    What a great card! how great you already had it. Hope you can join in the last couple of challenges too.

  4. Suzanne says:

    WHat a great card! Love the gears!

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